Full album “Welcome To The Colorful World Of Arp Frique” comes alive

A Short Story Based On “The Truth”

The ground we stand on shakes as we steal Earth’s gasses from under the surface. Hurricanes, tropical storms, melting ice, forest fires, extreme weather conditions. Our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom are rapidly getting wiped off the planet for eternity, first the weaker ones, followed by the others. While the world leaders keep dodging the issue to preserve their status, the earth melts, cooks, boils and burns. Short term pleasure seeking on our digital devices keeps us disconnected from our analog foundation until we finally turn into The Computer over time. Maybe because we will have to, maybe because we didn’t move. We might look back at this sooner than many of us believe and be astonished and ashamed of ourselves.

So why not create our own world? A new old world. A colorful one. A picture of a place we can all escape to any time of the day, and return to our digital world with a different perspective. A world where there are no borders, just like it used to be in the “real” world, long long ago. Where we love our planet and celebrate Mother Earth like nothing else. A place where unsung heroes reclaim their rightful position. A planet where language is music and we all understand. A world where emotions are bigger than money. Where love overthrows power. Where the centre of the world is nothing but the core of the earth. Because not all progress is in the right direction, we must look back and learn in order to move forward. But this world, you must think, is just a product of your imagination, it’s not real? Just as real as the world we visit everyday on the web. For you it may appear as 2-dimensional, in my mind it’s expansive in all directions, until it’s your world too.

Welcome To The Colorful World Of Arp Frique is out early April this year on Colorful Worlds Records / Rush Hour.